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An enormous amount of information poses a great challenge in transforming ideas into products, we at Blakol use Machine Learning to analyse and process this information to help you create better products.

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We are high-tech studio playing with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP, Visualisation and Data Analytics. We are thinkers, developers, data scientist, designers and artists who believe in having fun while working hard.

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We help large enterprises to build outstanding products.

Photovoltaic Design Tool

With Photovoltaic Designer, you can design and configure photovoltaic panels which are used in Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Systems. The PDT helps you design variously shaped panels and calculates the optimal layout of the cells for the shape and expected power output. The tool is supported by an exhaustive inventory management system which provides all the metadata needed to aid in the design and calculation of the power output, weight, cost and other properties of the panels. This design tool also integrates with other process management system to generate the execution plans for the manufacturing of panels right at the design stage and track the progress during execution. The tool also uses an experimental machine learning algorithm to suggest alternate design and material options for optimal power output and cost.

Blakol has been working with a Belgium based Photovoltaic (BIPV) module manufacturer to help reduce the time and effort involved in designing and go to production with automated design application, helping them in concentrating their effort on creating more efficient and cost-effective solution for BIPV. Photovoltaic Design Application is a tool for generating 3D models of photovoltaic modules and execution plans for the manufacturing process. This tool reduces engineers time and effort by automating calculations of cell layouts and module layouts. It calculates all dimensions, power output, costs, weights and other properties of the installations at the time of design so engineers can concentrate the requirements of the project and not on module parameters.

Human Resource Planning

For any organisation, human resource planning is critical to the operations. So understanding the current organisational structure and future requirements are of utmost importance. The orgchart application provides a visual representation of the organisation over a period of time and its divisions between departments, locations and hierarchical structure. It also generates the impact of the future planning to give an estimated impact on various organisational units and organisation as a whole. The data is represented in an aesthetically pleasing visualisation which helps understand the organisation and especially the critical units to plan the future strategy. The application can play out different re-organisational scenarios and its impact on the operations and budgeting outcomes.


The growth of Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have helped aviation technology companies develop efficient scalable solutions to Airlines, Airports and other support companies. Blakol has been working with a major airline in Canada for the last few years to develop solutions using these technologies to streamline various aspects of their operations, improve productivity and maximise profitability.

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